Jagged Alliance: Rage! – we didn’t check for pokrok tactics

Jagged Alliance: Rage! – we didn’t check for pokrok tactics

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<p>American studio Cliffhanger Productions is not the first successor of the popular tactful dialogue Jagged Alliance. In 2009, they released Jagged Alliance: Back in Action in the middle, and in 2012, they got the rights to Jagged Alliance Online and tried to bring it to the point. The cartoon-lightweight Jagged Alliance: Rage has become a new experiment! At our glance, we will decide what kind of varto retailers and let them take up the games of this series, or it’s better for them to try themselves in other projects.</p>
<p>The AIM team is new in Georgia. This time, the hirelings try to help one of their own, and also earn a little. Ale ryatuvalna mіsіya eat pasta. Every now and then the soldiers lean on a distant tropical island, like a classic dictator. Vіn the same I create drugs that zmushuє up to tsoy mіstseve population. Krym tsyogo, the local drug lord and yogo vcheni hypnotize people and create a zombie army from them. Now, at the head of the main heroes, there will be a call to the militant rebels, the fall of the dictatorship and only then the return home.</p>
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Regardless of a serious ear of history, Jagged Alliance: Rage! position yourself, like a gra with humor and an over-the-top clichéd plot. Although the moral and physical state of the hired workers is not cheerful, and most of them may be seriously mentally disturbed. That cruelty, mass assaults and robberies, as they appear on the islands, do not dare to look ridiculous. Ale and seriously put before the plot, you can’t even go out – it doesn’t allow a cartoon picture, a caricaturely foolish antagonist, funny for the idea, but not really, dialogues and stupid developments of history.

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If it’s the most tactful – tactful battles – then everything is serious and worthy, but with guards. In Rage! zrobili too great voice on stealth and fashionable at the same time surviving the system. And as if the rest is manifested only between cards, if the characters need to sing, exult and wear clothes at a special camp, then the first one will pull on the majestic piece of gameplay.

From one side, it’s good, especially on the cob of gris, if only two heroes are available and the stench can easily cope with a more serious opponent: one will climb in the grass, “shine” the enemy or, if possible, know yoga silently, and the other will sit in karti with a sniper or a crossbow and methodically changing the ranks of the dictator’s army. On the other hand, if it’s not a stealth project, but pokrokov’s tactics, he wants more gaming diversity. Otherwise, it’s unrealistic to run into a corral of 15-18 people, and it means that the retailers confuse gamers often and richly stop the stealth mechanics inserted by them. And now we need to pay for a primus?

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