Headset for AZiMiYO MX-pro smartphone. Beautiful, but not musical.

The volume slider works fine, does not rustle. Having ridden a bike on business and listening to them on the road at a low volume, I got used to it a little, listened and decided for myself that, in principle, it is possible to listen, blood does not flow from the ears. I have headphones of a similar shape, but "licked". Personal impressions Beautiful, but not musical.

The outer part of the headphone cases is really metal. The headset comes in a regular zip-lock bag. The function of the headset is performed normally. And I even found a plus in the low sound quality: for example, listening to the track “You are like that” from Natalie and Donya in headphones from the SSA, the “cat” in Donya’s voice is very noticeable, right up to the bue reflex, but these headphones are quite okay, you can listen to pop music without rejection. When I started listening for the first time, I immediately drew attention to the abundance of boring low frequencies. Metal also listened to them. I am personally satisfied. The ergonomics are good, they sit comfortably in the ears, but the tragus is a little cold until they warm up. Packaging and equipment I bought it for personal use, with my own money. I don’t hear wind noise in them. It just sounds like nothing. The button performs a standard function for such headsets.

Headset for AZiMiYO MX-pro smartphone. From microphone to headphones – 30 cm, very flexible polymer shell. I have never seen such loops and knots that are formed when wearing them in my pocket on my other headphones. The microphone unit is small, light, matte plastic. The cable is soft and flexible, does not remember the shape, practically does not get tangled, which is very pleasing after my headphones from CCA and KZ, which, after taking them out of my pocket, always offer to go through an exciting quest called “unravel me, unravel me completely”. The bundle is very rich: the headset itself, the wire with which the headset is tied into a bay, a clothespin that is not put on the cable because the size of the attachment is not the same, a protective cap for the 3.5 mm jack and a note from the seller in which he confesses his love, asks him to give him five and promises to solve everything himself in case of problems 🙂 Wrapped it around his fingers, put the coil in his pocket, then took it out, shook it a little and everything unraveled itself.
Glossy plastic interior. This is a conclusion from personal experience. Excuse my French, but the sound sucks. And not a very good solution for the case – with the wind in the face, vortex air flows around the cylindrical ledge where the decorative mesh is heard in the ears.
Sorry for the glare. I hear the interlocutor, he, in turn, does not complain about the audibility. The headset is very beautiful, the female gender approves. Headset photo In my opinion value for money The cable from the jack to the microphone is 85 cm long, in a pleasant fabric braid. I don’t want more from them. The shade of red is good, saturated, but not poisonous. And for my masculine taste, too, very much even nothing. With the reviewed headset in this regard, everything is fine. Pleasant to the touch. I will use. Offset. At the time of purchase, there was no discount, the headset cost me $ 3.88. Well made, good fit. Under the spoiler is a screen of the order from my account in Aliexpress. There are no cracks or burrs, everything is neatly assembled. Create background music in your ears and allow you to talk on https://jiji.ng/lagos-mainland/294-light-switches the phone while riding a bike they can.